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    A new update has arrived to Era of Legends, bringing with it a brand new playable class, unique new mechanics, as well as never before seen dungeons and familiars! Please refer to the article below for details and don’t forget to update your application to the latest version via Google Play or App Store to access the newly added content. We hope you will enjoy your game and have fun!

    New class – Forest Child
    A warrior of great prowess, able to transform into an animal... Sounds a little familiar, right? Nope, you guessed wrong!

    Unlike his older brother the Druid, the Forest Child is able to heal allies as well as keep the enemies at bay by commanding various elemental powers, shooting beams of celestial light, summoning whirlwinds, and transforming into a feral spotted feline.

    Much like the warriors of every other class, the Forest Children will be able to choose between three unique specializations:

    The “Balance” specialization focuses on dealing high single target damage. Combine suitable engravings and talents, then use special skills to accumulate lunar energy to maximize your DPS potential!

    The “Dreams” specialization was designed for PvP duels: keep your enemy at a safe distance as you accumulate energy, waiting for the perfect moment to channel it into a single deadly strike!

    Finally, on the opposite end of the spectrum, there is the “Thicket” specialization that is perfect for supporting allies, helping them recover HP more quickly, and greatly increasing their overall battle effectiveness.

    WARNING: only the players who already have at least one character of level 40 or higher on their account will be able to create a Forest Child hero. All newly created Forest Children will start out at level 40, with story missions and other quests up to that point being pre-completed.

    New Familiars
    Let’s hear it for the new orange Familiars! You will now be able to acquire such pets as Friendly Knight, Toxic Adder, Golden Little Bud, Big-Mouth Thornoid, Armored Murloc, Haka Bonewing, Guardian Soul, Wings of Death, Light of Forgiveness, Supremacy Blade, Ancient Black Dragon, and Ancient Yellow Dragon. Time to stack up on high quality traps and pay a visit to Familiar Utopia!

    New raid dungeons
    The current update introduces 3 brand new instances for Lv. 90-99 guild members:
    - Dragon Mirage;
    - Forest of Tranquility;
    - Purgatory of Repentance.

    Expect to face off against exceptionally dangerous bosses. Should you triumph over them however, the rewards will be well worth it and include items that can be exchanged for Lv. 90-99 equipment as well as chestfuls of the new VI and VII grade modifiers, battle cards, and other valuable resources.

    Please note that the availability of some of the new content, including raid dungeons, will depend on an individual server’s launch date, meaning that the new area will gradually become accessible by all characters created on different servers, in order from the oldest game world to the youngest. We ask everyone to be patient and hope for your understanding!

    New stat boosting system – Runes
    Upgrade the quality of your runes to gain even better bonuses. Every rune corresponds to a particular constellation. Combine runes belonging to the same or kindred constellations to activate additional perks known as connection effects.

    New runes can be purchased with special magical resources (obtained from activity chests) under the “Ore Store” tab of the in-game shop.

    Additional Secret Tower levels
    Clear the floors from the 51st through to the 70th to claim an even greater reward!

    Raising Battle Cards’ Star Rating
    By clearing guild instances on the Elite difficulty level you can receive Random Basic Weapon Chests that will also include special materials required to level up a Battle Card’s Star Rating. Note that this type of chest will only be awarded for clearing instances starting from the Ailan Oasis.

    Every card will now have 3 slots for inlaying different types of modifications. Fill in all 3 slots to increase the card’s Star Rating, but note that doing so will sacrifice the modifications in exchange for a permanent stat boost for the leveled up card.

    Begin your own history in Era of Legends!
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    Jogo no s13 estarei esperando para fazer dg do 90~99 estao ótimos meus parabéns
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    Server eu15

    My character's white wing was deleted after the new update. I bought this wing for $ 100 because I love it. You can see it in the package details in my purchase history. We love to play this game. That's why we pay money, but it's not nice to have such problems. How do you fix this? The same thing happened to another friend on the same server. (Crowass)