The Light of Justice!

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    Meet Paladin - the new class of unyielding fighters!


    Paladins can not only smash enemies with their warhammers, but also heal teammates by calling upon the power of the Holy Light. Millennia ago, the fabled Letero brandished a Warhammer and shattered the forces of darkness, returning light to Eminoel once more. From that time onwards, Letero formed the Paladin company and his Warhammer became their sacred symbol.


    Just like with other classes, Paladins can pursue one of three distinct specializations:

    Divine Paladins have powerful healing abilities. They are the most devout followers of the Holy Light, and use its power to heal their allies. They can heal single targets or entire groups depending on the battle situation.

    Retribution Paladins have powerful DPS abilities. They wield Holy Fire to carry out their mission of purifying evil across the land, and with it can inflict a shocking amount of damage to servants of darkness. They are valuable allies both in dungeons and on the battlefield.

    Order Paladins have powerful supporting abilities. Many of them take on commanding roles during battle and use the myriad of support and control abilities at their disposal to help their allies achieve victory under any circumstances.

    Paladin Creation

    Note: you can only create a Paladin, if you already possess at least one character that has reached level 40. After meeting this requirement, you’ll be able to make a level 40 Paladin and will need to re-login to begin playing with the newly created character. Most quests up to level 40 will be completed, including storyline quests and some of the Fame Quests.

    You will also get: a Portal Gem, a level 30-39 equipment set, five 8-slots bags to expand your inventory, four Blue and Purple quality companions, several custom gem packs and a Warbear mount of your preferred color. All of these items can be found in your new character’s Backpack. You will also find four familiar waiting for you in the respective menu.

    The Rank Up function will be unlocked from the start, along with the third Secret Art and the first ranked-up weapon skin. Additionally you will have 16 unspent points to improve your talents.

    Change your class - now without any restrictions whatsoever!

    Feel like the class you picked doesn't match your playstyle anymore? Want to try out other characters without sacrificing hours of in-game progress? We've got you covered! In the upcoming update, you'll be able to use the expanded class change function!

    Find Master Rick in Divine Dragon City, select the desired class and start a new life! Don't worry - if you ever change your mind, you'll be able to convert back to your character's original class at any time!

    Find a detailed guide on the class change functionality here.

    Weapon carving - add random effects to your weapon!

    After being carved, a bunch of random helpful effects will be added to your weapon. These may include raising one of its basic stats or granting a bonus to a class skill. Each carving randomly resets all previous effects on the target piece of gear, and it may also randomly increase or decrease the total number of bonus stats. Please note that there can only be one stat of a particular type on any weapon at the same time.

    By using a special material called “Tigereye”, you can increase the chance of generating a bonus stat for each of the weapon’s slots by 40%. You can get up to 8 bonus stats by carving your gear.

    The base chance for generating a Green, Blue, or Purple stat is 28.5% each, whereas the rate for generating a rare S. Purple one is 14.5%.

    Sets functionality - further modify your gear to suit your style!

    By opening Modifier Chests, you'll obtain random modifiers. They will be stored in the Modifier Inventory, available in the right corner of the Set screen. You can inlay modifiers into your equipment items. However, some modifiers can only be inlaid into gear of specific type.

    Gear with modifiers will receive additional set stats. By equipping 2, 4 or 6 pieces of gear with modifiers from the same set, you can activate even more powerful set stats.

    Modifiers vary in level. As might be expected, higher level modifiers grant larger stat boosts. Unneeded modifiers of lower quality can be sold.

    You can inlay a new modifier into an equipment item that had previously been modified. Upon doing so, the original modifier will be safely returned to your inventory. Modifiers can be applied to a piece of gear that is currently equipped or is stored in your character’s backpack. Inlaid modifiers can also be simply removed at any given moment. After that, they will be returned to your inventory.

    Note that equipment items inlaid with modifiers cannot be sold. To sell them, you must remove the modifiers first.

    New maps, dungeons, and PvP mode!

    Get ready to explore the fabled land of the elves - Fairy Forest, with new storyline quests that continue the adventure started in the previous updates! Access the dungeon of Soul Shoals, only available to the chosen few, and fight on the Dragonridge Mine battlefield in 10 vs 10 battles!

    Also, note the following changes in the difficulty of Raid Dungeons:
    • normal instances are now easier to complete, and also include cross-server matchmaking;
    • elite dungeons are harder, but yield even greater rewards!
    Explore all of this while wearing the majestic new Orange equipment! The level cap has also been increased to level 70!

    IMPORTANT NOTICE: some of the high-end content listed above becomes available depending on the particular server’s launch date. We ask you not to be discouraged if a specific functionality isn’t available for your character to enjoy at the moment of the update’s installation. You will be able to try it out a bit later!