The Fatal Skirmish has begun!

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    Another update has come to Era of Legends, bringing several new raids, a unique game mode, and unlocking a hitherto unexplored area of the game’s world, not to mention numerous bug fixes and improvements!

    Let’s take a closer look at the new features.
    1. A new region of Eminoel - Mountain Dwarf Kingdom (for level 80-90 characters)!
    2. An all-new survival mode - the Fatal Skirmish!
    A new PvP battle mode with a special map has been added under the “Campaign” tab, where players will be able to pick a custom hero before the fighting starts.

    Make use of the fruit scattered around the battlefield - collecting it will yield experience, allowing you to level your character up, boosting their power, and unlocking additional skills. Defeat monsters and open treasure chests for extra rewards, buffs, and food. Once the character reaches a certain level, bosses will start spawning at the center of the map.

    The safe zone protecting participants against the deadly poisonous gas which surrounds the arena will gradually recede, forcing the players to confront each other.
    The last hero standing will claim the victory for their respective team!
    1. Added a new group dungeon: Dwarven Palace for level 80-90 characters as well as nightmare difficulty mode!
    The new guild dungeon comes with the challenging Nightmare difficulty mode that promises even more rewards, including the chance to earn Blue Flame Chests. Players get up to 7 weekly attempts to conquer it.
    1. New Gems refinement system
    Check the “Inlay” tab at the Workshop once your character reaches level 60.

    Level 7 Gems and higher can now be refined with Essence Stones greatly increasing the wielding character’s stats. Every Gem can only contain one Essence Stone.

    Essence Stone packs can be purchases from the main in-game Shop as well as at the Honor Store.
    1. Extended equipment upgrading system
    A new system for upgrading level 80 and higher gear has been added under the “Quench” tab of the Workshop, applicable to equipment with at least 3 ideal stats. The process consumes Blue Flame obtainable by completing dungeons in Nightmare difficulty mode.

    Miscellaneous Improvements
    • Fixed the billing issue on iOS devices
    • Added an option for renaming Familiars
    • Added new battle Formations as well as an option to quickly switch between card Formations depending on the combat situation
    • Fixed an issue with the Follow command
    • Fixed an issue with Talent schemes renaming