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    By now ive covered all the possible way to communicate with 101xp - EoL division.
    -support ticket 549060
    -facebook comment and PM
    -spammed mods in discord

    Ive had 0 results.
    Im posting here also... Will it help? I hope so cause im out of ideas...

    So basicaly we have the ticket 549060... Whats it about?

    Friday, 8 days ago during the day all was fine, but in the evening i log to join raids with my guildies.. And buuuum account suspended, reason :refund abuse
    I have to mention that i havent received any notification from 101xp or mods or EoL.. 0 inform me about any refund and to request me the money back etc. I was banned directly without acces to my chars.
    Also i must say that i had made purchases only the previous day cause i intended to go through the Royal challenge.
    So i didn't expect that... I get banned.

    Anyway apparently there are some refund requests in my google account ive checked and it must be a mistake. Its about 5% maybe of my total purchases towards eol..funds that i will gladly return without issue.

    Now my sittuation aint pretty..
    There we have a free to play advertised game and a suspended account without notice for refunds of something payed ingame.
    This game doesn't work on a subscription method its based on micro transactions for ingame. Items... So what should have eol done?

    1. Email me and notice me on the matter
    2. Remove ingame benefits

    But not suspend my account.
    What did EoL. Do?

    Well in reality you made all my purchases unusuable.

    Now i have 0 intentions of quiting the game or recovering all eol payments.
    What im interested is getting acces to my account ASAP.

    What i proposed in my tickets?
    Since uve made me loose a ton on my char (royal challenge, tower & raids reset, renown ladder for 2 weeks, honor gain, crafting) i proposed u tell me exactly the amount of money ur missing and u unban my char. Once I regain acces to my char ill make those purchases on it.. Ill purchase even more...

    But overall what i find disturbing is the lack. Of communication between support and customers..
    I tell. U this because im not the only unhappy customer... We are many... And that aint good for. Ur bussines
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