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    A warm wind from the Southern Eminoor’s borders brought the news about the beginning of a new era - the era of legends! Heroes from all over the world headed to the majestic Dragondar to start their epic adventures in the boundless world of Era of Legends!

    Remember, Hero, everyone can work miracles! Fight hordes of demons and ancient dragons riding a griffin or pave your way through them with a giant sword - create your own history!

    Era of Legends combines the best features of mobile gaming and the key qualities of the fantasy MMORPG genre. A vast explorable world full of thousands of secrets, hundreds of class combinations and magic beasts, guild wars, and fascinating graphics. Hello, brave new life!

    The game is available for all Android players and will be opened for iOS soon!

    Every player who has submitted their email on the game website will receive a unique Night Hunter mount, special Chosen One title and a bag of useful items after iOS release. Note that pre-registration rewards will be sent within a week after the release.

    Era of Legends is an epic story about war, love, friendship and dragons. Create your own legend and start a new life!

    Download on Google Play
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    Assasin really weak againts almost all clases. When he hasnt cooldowns he just become a free kill.
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