Secret Tower

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    Secret Tower is a special challenge where you will need to defeat various bosses to get valuable rewards. There is a total of 30 levels, and as you climb to the top, their difficulty, as well as the value of rewards, increases accordingly.


    The Secret Tower progress is refreshed every week, and the number of levels cleared is reset. A new level unlocks only when the previous one has been cleared. Your performance on each level is rated in stars. The final rank depends on the time it took to clear the level as well as the number of times player characters died during the run. Upon clearing a level with a 3-stars rating, players can then aid others in completing the same level.

    Receiving the reward for clearing each of the levels for the first time doesn’t cost a reward attempt. The reward for clearing a particular level of Secret Tower can only be obtained once and players get 3 attempts at conquering it. Rewards for clearing different levels can be collected up to 10 times a week. The rewards may include a Rainbow Feather (with a 20% drop chance). Additional rewards can be claimed by assisting other players’ runs up to 7 times before progress reset.

    Complete every level with the best possible rating to earn especially generous rewards. You can view all possible rewards under the Star Level Reward tab.


    Players who have demonstrated the best possible results in Secret Tower are placed on the leaderboard, which is refreshed every hour.