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    Here is important information about server merge. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask them in comments.

    1. What if I have more than 5 characters in total on both merged servers? Will any of my character be deleted?

    During the merge, the number of characters previously available on each of the servers will not be altered. All of your characters will remain linked to the server they were originally created on: the list of available servers will look exactly the same after the merge, i.e. if a character was first created on the S2 server then you’ll still need to select S2 to access them.

    2. What if I have characters with identical nicknames or there are guilds with similar names on the servers about to be merged?

    In this case the server ID will be added to the characters’ nicknames. For example, if you have a character named “Player” on S1 and your character on S2 is also named “Player” while the server IDs are 10101 and 10102 respectively, then after the merge, the names of these characters will be changed to “Player_10101” on S1 and “Player_10102” on S2. The same goes for identical guild names.

    If you are unhappy with your character’s nickname or your guild’s new title automatically selected after the merge, please contact our technical support at support@101xp.com.

    3. How will the merge affect the gameplay on the servers?

    After the merge, content updates and the event schedule will be changed to that of the older server from among those that have been merged.

    4. Will territory ownership be reset after the merge?

    Yes, for technical reasons guild territory ownership will be reset.

    5. Is there a chance a player’s guild might disappear after the merge?


    6. Will the merge affect the leaderboard rankings?

    Yes, the leaderboard rankings will change: old data will be cleared during the merging process and top characters listing will be refreshed upon its completion to better reflect the new situation on the server.

    7. Will the merge affect players’ ranks on the Arena?

    Yes, the ranks on the Arena will change: previous standings will be cleared during the merge and afterwards the leaderboard will be refreshed to better reflect the new situation on the server.

    Have a nice play!