New to the forums and can’t post?

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    Welcome, New Heroes!

    If you have signed up on the forums and it says you do not have permission to post, here is a quick guide to unlocking that for you.

    1.) Log into your account at (click in the upper right of the page to log in using your email and password)

    2.) Click on the silhouette of a head and shoulders in the top right again.


    3.) Then click on “Security” as you see in the image below.


    4.) If you see a dark red box that says you need to verify your email, then you need to do that next by clicking the “verify” next to your email address.


    5.) Check your email (if you don’t see it right away, be sure to check for it in spam too!) The email will have a button and a code. You can use either option, but I suggest just using the button which will take you back to the website and your email will be verified!


    6.) Now return here to the forums and refresh the page, you will be able to post!

    Welcome to the Era of Legends community!