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Anny une can help me please?

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  1. alex95

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    Apr 8, 2020
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    Hello guys I'm playing this game for 2 weeks now. Everything is nice and fun till 1 week ago when I discovered that I spended 400 rune on some badge in shop that are for roial challenge. I thought that if I buy them I will unlock the event or something. But seems that on my acc there is no roial challenge at all no event menu nothing :( Allso last few events was same I wasn't abble to join anny off them all the items from daily log for events are still in bag couse I wasn't abble to use them. I'm playing on SV:EU15 RAGNAROK. I just want to know why every une else have the roial challenge and only I don't have it :( Hope someone can help me here I allredy submit a ticket and it pas like 8 days now and no answer.

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