Mages crit dmg is broken ?

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    My curent attack is 5083, crit 21% and crit dmg is 177%. I have magic blast lava lvl 9 does 375%+895 of magic dmg. A normal attack should be 19956.
    The problem is with crit dmg, because i should get 50% + 177% =227% from normal dmg wich is 45300 dmg. Casting without any buffs i get a random crit from 20k to 40k . I did notice during play the diference and i did check to be sure on targets dummy in the city (i did cast only magic blast lava without any buffs ). It is not normal to get on blast nether flame(150%+396) same dmg us on magic lava blast(375%+895) or a lottery crit dmg between noncrit dmg and normal dmg.
    From sub stats info when crit trigers , it increase healing or dmg with 50% while crit mastery increase percentage added to crit dmg so a crit of my spell should be 227%.
    If i am wrong please corect me , maybe i didnt understand corect but all those numbers are from substats info.
    If i am right pls make it work corect … dont kill mages class pls.
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    no buffs, same spell both crit ....cant say same dmg