How to change your class

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    If you feel that your character’s class doesn’t match your playstyle anymore and you have already reached level 40 and got a ranked-up weapon, go to Rick, the class changing instructor in Divine Dragon City. Tap on the “Change Class” button in the Character’s tab to visit Rick automatically.

    Tap “Change Class” to see the conditions for the next class change and select the desired class.


    Note that you can change your character’s class within their speciality (Warrior - Druid, Archer - Assassin, Priest - Shaman and Mage - Witch) for 10 000 gold. If you want to change your class to any other, it will cost 1000 runes. Paladin does not have a pair class yet. Also, the cost of each subsequent class change during the same week will gradually increase, but is reset to the original value every Monday.

    After their class is changed, your character will retain the current skill level, but all Inscriptions and Talents will be reset. Their weapon and other gear, equipped during the procedure, will be replaced with corresponding items for the new class. Basic and random stats of all equipped gear will be converted to the stats for your new class.

    Items in the Bag, in the Warehouse, stored in Mail, and in the Auction House will not be affected in any way. Weapons created with crafting skills will also be converted for your new class.

    After switching class, costumes for the new class won't be automatically unlocked, so you have to purchase them again.

    After switching to a new class, you’ll need to re-login and reset the settings in Auto Battle and Switch Target menus.

    After changing class, gems inlaid in your weapon and gear will be converted into Custom Gem Packs of the same quality.

    After switching class, you’ll receive Skill Book Pages according to the number and level of your familiars’ skills in their Astral Array.

    Have a nice play!