Guide the new Wyrmkin Counterattack event

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    Brave heroes!

    Eminoel desperately needs your help — the foe is already at the doorstep, and only you can stop them! You should join forces and exterminate the monstrous invaders.

    Join the new Wyrmkin Counterattack event and show off your battle prowess!


    You will need a team of strong allies to back you up on this battlefield. Protect the portal from advancing enemy troops at any cost! Defeating opponents will yield crystals that play a pivotal role in deciding the outcome of the ongoing skirmish.

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    Your team can install towers for 10 crystals each in designated map spots. Towers will rain elemental fire on the monsters, lending you a helping hand in this uneven encounter, but be careful: the enemy may attempt to disable your defensive structures, forcing you to repair them.

    Towers can additionally be upgraded for 20 crystals, greatly improving their performance.


    To top it all off, a special bonus chest may spawn at the turning point of the assault. If used on one of the towers, its contents will enhance the building with various abilities.


    Hang in there! You will have to defeat 15 waves of enemies in total to succeed. Don't let them get to that portal!The higher the portal's HP at the end of the event, the better the reward will be.


    Good luck! You are now Eminoel's last hope!