Game Events - October 30 - November 13

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    Please, check out the latest update! Brand new events, limited offers and valuable rewards are waiting for you. The events will start on October 30. Do not forget to check exact event time in-game.

    Total Recharge
    [October 30 - 04:00 November 13]
    Recharge a certain amount of runes during the event and get a reward!

    Royal Challenge: Pumpkin
    [October 30 - 04:00 November 13]
    A brand new Royal Challenge with valuable rewards awaits!

    Jelly Beans Drops
    [October 30 - 04:00 November 13]
    Complete dungeons, fight on the Arena, find treasures on blue maps, go fishing - and get Jelly Beans!

    Firework Exchange
    [October 30 - 04:00 November 13]
    Exchange fireworks for awesome rewards!

    Lucky Fishing
    [October 30 - 04:00 November 13]
    During the event, there is a chance to get Lucky Coin and a rare mount while fishing!

    Activeness Chest Extra Drop
    [October 30 - 04:00 November 13]
    Get sweets from the activity chests: jelly means - for 25 points, caramel canes - for 50 points, caramels - for 75 points, lollipops - for 100 activity points.

    Candy Festival Event
    [October 30 - 04:00 November 13]
    Take part in a global Halloween themed event, defeat monsters and exchange special items for valuable rewards! Notice that you can get a mount that can be used by all characters on the account. After you get it, it will be displayed in the Skins - Mount tab.

    Candy Festival Lollipop Exchange
    [October 30 - 04:00 November 13]
    Try your luck and get a chance to win the rare Treasure Chest!

    Choose Your Reward
    [November 3 - 04:00 November 6]
    Recharge a certain amount of runes and choose your reward!

    Daily Recharge
    [October 30 - 04:00 November 3]
    Recharge every day during the event and be rewarded!

    Runes Spending
    [November 2 - 04:00 November 5]
    Get prizes for runes spending!

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