Game Events: November 8-15

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    Please, check out the latest update! We added new events where you can get valuable rewards and updated our limited offers. The events will begin in Era of Legends tomorrow, on November 8.

    Raid Dungeon Loot
    [November 8 - 04:00 December 27]
    Complete guild instances and get extra loot!

    Royal Challenge: Treasure Hunters
    [November 8 - 04:00 November 22]
    Participate in Royal Challenge, complete quests and get awesome prizes!

    Lucky Fishing
    [November 8 - 04:00 November 22]
    During the event, you can catch Lucky Coin to complete Royal Challenge quests!

    Recharge Rewards
    [November 8 - 04:00 November 22]
    Recharge a certain amount of runes within the event and get additional rewards!

    Trophy Compass Boxes
    [November 8 - 04:00 November 22]
    Complete dungeons and daily quests to get compass boxes!

    Treasure Hunter Compass
    [November 8 - 04:00 November 22]
    Use compasses from compass boxes to spin a roulette!

    Bronze Blades Exchange
    [November 8 - 04:00 November 22]
    Exchange trophy blades from the Treasure Hunter Compass event for useful rewards!

    20-players Instances
    [November 8 - 04:00 November 22]
    New massive dungeons await their heroes!

    Login Reward
    [November 8 - 04:00 November 15]
    Log in every day to get even more prizes!

    Gear Crafting
    [November 8 - 04:00 November 15]
    Hurry up to upgrade your S.Purple equipment and its stats!

    Familiar Capturing Event
    [November 8 - 04:00 November 11]
    Use 18 Purple Familiar Traps to get Glowing Familiar Egg!

    Guild Crafting
    [November 12 - 04:00 November 15]
    Get 200 contribution for each 4000 contribution spent!

    Skill Books Page Exchange
    [November 8 - 04:00 November 14]
    Exchange skill book pages for familiar skills!

    Choose Your Reward
    [November 12 - 04:00 November 15]
    Recharge a certain amount of runes and choose your reward!

    Daily Recharge
    [November 8 - 04:00 November 12]
    Recharge every day to get awesome rewards!

    Runes Spending
    [November 12 - 04:00 November 15]
    Spend runes and be rewarded!

    Boosted Rate for Magic Beast Capturing
    [November 8 - 04:00 November 11]
    During the event, your chance to obtain Magic Beast Eggs is increased by 5%!

    Boosted Rate for Purple Gear Crafting
    [November 11 - 04:00 November 13]
    During the event, your chance to craft purple gear with Life Skills will go up by 5%!

    Boosted Rate for Purple Gear Crafting in Guild Workshop
    [November 13 - 04:00 November 15]
    During the event, your chance to craft purple gear from Guild Workshop will go up by 5%!

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