Game Events - November 27 - December 11

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    Please, check out the latest update! Brand new events, limited offers and valuable rewards are waiting for you. The events will start on November 27. Do not forget to check exact event time in-game.

    Total Recharge
    [November 27 - 04:00 December 11]
    Recharge a certain amount of runes during the event and get a reward!

    Royal Challenge: Medium
    [November 27 - 04:00 December 11]
    A brand new Royal Challenge with valuable rewards awaits!

    Luck Foretold
    [November 27 - 04:00 December 11]
    Try your luck in the dice game!

    Login Gift
    [November 27 - 04:00 December 11]
    Log in every day to get great prizes!
    Do not forget to check the Shop out for our weekly discounts and special offers!

    Starblaze Exchange
    [November 27 - 04:00 December 11]
    Exchange materials for valuable rewards!

    Firework Exchange
    [November 27 - 04:00 December 11]
    Exchange fireworks for awesome rewards!

    Lucky Fishing
    [November 27 - 04:00 December 11]
    During the event, there is a chance to get Lucky Coin and a rare mount while fishing!

    Lucky Linking
    [November 27 - 04:00 December 11]
    Make your way to the great rewards! Complete the chain and get awesome prizes!

    Daily Recharge
    [November 27 - 04:00 December 1]
    Recharge every day during the event and be rewarded!

    Choose Your Reward
    [December 1 - 04:00 December 4]
    Recharge a certain amount of runes and choose your reward!

    Runes Spending
    [November 30 - 04:00 December 3]
    Get prizes for runes spending!

    Join the battle in Era of Legends and create your own history!