Game Events - March 6-13

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    This March Era of Legends celebrates the 1st anniversary. To honor this event we have added special events to the game. They will bring you a lot of valuable rewards. The events will start on March 6. Do not forget to check exact event time in-game.

    Anniversary Coin Wheel
    [March 6 - 04:00 March 27]
    Try your luck in the roulette!

    Coin Wheel Exchange
    [March 6 - 04:00 March 27]
    Exchange the items from the Coin Wheel for valuable rewards!

    Anniversary Login Reward
    [March 6 - 04:00 March 27]
    Log in every day and get special anniversary prizes!

    Firework Exchange
    [March 6 - 04:00 March 13]
    Exchange fireworks for awesome rewards!

    Increased Stats in Raid Dungeons (Normal)
    [March 6 - 04:00 March 27]
    Get stats bonus while completing raid dungeons on normal difficulty. Note that the bonus is active only if you enter the dungeon using matchmaking.

    Raid Dungeon Loot
    [March 6 - 04:00 March 27]
    Get extra loot in raid dungeons!

    Perfect Key Exchange
    [March 6 - 04:00 March 10]
    Exchange perfect keys for great prizes!

    Login Gift
    [March 8]
    Log into the game on March 8 to get a special International Women’s day gift!

    Precision Stats Quenching
    [March 6 - 04:00 March 13]
    Do not miss a chance to upgrade your perfect purple stats and gear!

    Skill Books Page Exchange
    [March 6 - 04:00 March 12]
    Exchange skill book pages for familiar skills!

    Choose Your Reward
    [March 10 - 04:00 March 13]
    Recharge during the event and choose one of two rewards!

    Daily Recharge
    [March 6 - 04:00 March 10]
    Recharge every day during the event and be rewarded!

    Special Total Recharge
    [March 6 - 04:00 March 13]
    Recharge a certain amount of runes during the event and get a reward!

    Runes Spending
    [March 10 - 04:00 March 13]
    Get prizes for runes spending!

    Familiar Capturing Event
    [March 6 - 04:00 March 9]
    Use 18 Purple Familiar Trap to get Glowing Familiar Egg!

    Guild Crafting Event
    [March 10 - 04:00 March 13]
    Get 200 contribution for each 4000 contribution spent!

    Boosted Rate for Magic Beast Capturing
    [March 6 - 04:00 March 9]
    During the event, your chance to obtain Magic Beast Eggs is increased by 5%!

    Boosted Rate for Purple Gear Crafting
    [March 9 - 04:00 March 11]
    During the event, your chance to craft purple gear with Life Skills will go up by 5%!

    Boosted Rate for Purple Gear Crafting in Guild Workshop
    [March 11 - 04:00 March 13]
    During the event, your chance to craft purple gear from Guild Workshop will go up by 5%!

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