Game Events - July 5-11

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    Please, check out the latest update! We added new events where you can get valuable rewards and updated our limited offers. Note that the events will start on July 5. Please, check the exact event time in the game.

    Totilas' Treasure Hunt
    [July 5 - 04:00 July 12]
    Get Totila’s treasures during in-game activities and use them to play a special game!

    Totilas' Golden Bissau
    [July 5 - 04:00 July 12]
    Try your luck and use Totlia’s golden bissau to win awesome rewards!

    Gear Crafting
    [July 5 - 04:00 July 12]
    Improve your perfect purple equipment and its stats!

    Login Reward
    [July 5 - 04:00 July 12]
    Log in every day to get better rewards!

    Totilas' Weekend Gifts
    [July 7]
    Log in on July 7 and receive special prizes!

    Runes Spending
    [July 5 - 04:00 July 9]
    The more you spend, the better reward you get!

    Daily Recharge
    [July 5 - 04:00 July 9]
    Recharge a certain amount of runes a day and get awesome bonuses! Note that the rewards will be updated on July 7.

    Boosted Rate for Purple Gear Crafting
    [July 8 - 04:00 July 10]
    During the event, your chance to craft purple gear with Life Skills will go up by 5%!

    Boosted Rate for Purple Gear Crafting in Guild Workshop
    [July 10 - 04:00 July 12]
    During the event, your chance to craft purple gear from Guild Workshop will go up by 5%!

    Boosted Rate for Magic Beast Capturing
    [June 5 - 04:00 July 8]
    During the event, your chance to obtain Magic Beast Eggs is increased by 5%!

    Into the Weekly sale were added:
    Lucky Gem Bag, Perfect Meteor, Shiny Meteor, Custom Lv.5 Gem Pack, Lv.20 Custom Material Pack, Lv.30 Custom Material Pack, Lv.40 Custom Material Pack, Lv.50 Custom Material Pack, Legendary Familiar Pack, Enchant Materials Pack, LV. 2-5 Gem Pack, Guild Pack, Clarity Potion Pack, Philosopher's Stone, Purple Treasure Map, Skill Book Chest, Custom Equipment Crafting Pack, Clarity Potion Chest, Origin Stone, Monarch Bauble, Dynasty Bauble, Scholar Bauble, Shiny Bauble.

    Into the Daily sale were added:
    Fort Refresh Scroll, Stamina Elixir, Treasure Map [Blue], Lucky Coin Chest, Lucky Item Chest.

    Into the Time-limited offer were added:
    Stone of Starlight, Sand of Starlight, Bronze Ore Shard, Perfect Familiar Food, Custom Lv.1 Gem Pack, Custom Lv.3 Gem Pack, Starlight, Normal Dungeon Scroll (Timed), Elite Dungeon Scroll (Timed), Awakening Potion, Blacksteel Ore Shard.

    Join the battle in Era of Legends and create your own history!
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    The more you spend, the better reward you get!