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    Q: At what level do Factions become available?
    A: The Factions functionality unlocks at level 70.

    Q: Can my guild’s faction differ from my character’s faction?
    A: Yes, it can. However, if you tap “Recommended” when prompted to select a faction, your character will be automatically assigned to their current guild’s faction.

    Q: Are there any advantages in choosing the same faction for a character as their guild?
    A: If your character and their guild belong to the same faction, you will enjoy a +5% HP bonus in Faction events.

    Q: How can a guild choose the faction?
    A: The guild master can choose and change the faction in the Guild Hall.


    Q: Is it possible to switch to the other faction, if I’m bored with my current one?
    A: Of course, but your character will need to meet certain criteria before switching sides.


    Q: If I am in a weaker faction, will I still have a shot at victory?
    A: To maintain in-game balance, members of the weaker faction receive a bonus to their HP and attack stats.


    Q: How to upgrade my rank?
    A: By defeating other players in PK mode (both in the Void and in other parts of the game’s world), killing enemies on the battlefield, during guild war, and in the arena, you will earn Honor points. These are converted into experience at the end of the week, which in turn determines your character’s rank. Please note, that there is a limit to how many Honor points can be collected each week.

    Q: What is Warrior Title experience and how does it work?
    A: At the end of the week, all accumulated Honor points are converted into Warrior Title experience. Collecting enough points will allow you to increase your character’s rank.


    Q: What are the benefits of increasing my character’s rank?
    A: Each Warrior Title comes with its own stats. Simply put, the higher your character’s rank is, the more powerful they become. There are 15 ranks in total.


    Q: How are faction Honor points different from common Honor points?
    A: Faction points are used solely for increasing your character’s rank, while regular Honor points can be exchanged for useful items. By the way, new goods were added to the Honor store that can only be purchased by characters of a certain rank. From now on, the higher your rank is, the more valuable items will become available!