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    Something incredible happened in the wonderful world of Era of Legend! A mysterious underwater cave, full of treasures and ancient relics, was discovered off the cold shores of Howling Tundra

    No one knows for sure what manner of creatures inhabited this treasury or where its contents came from, but in their generosity the Three Dragons Council decided to share its wonders with the world!

    Thus we are pleased to announce that you too can now become the owner of chests full of ancient treasures and priceless artifacts, such as:

    ✨ Runes х13500, Shiny Meteor х5
    ✨ Runes х8500, Shiny Meteor х3
    ✨ Runes х4100, Perfect Meteor х3
    ✨ Runes х2350, Gleaming Meteor х3
    ✨ Runes х1150, Enchant Stone Mixed Pack х1

    Note that you need to restart the game to get the items!

    Go to the treasury: https://101xp.to/eol