Event guide: Defend Dragon City

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    Are you ready to fend off a horde of monsters in an epic battle and claim valuable rewards? Take part in the new event "Defend Dragon City" and show off your skills on the battlefield!


    The first step towards glory is to register for participation.

    Once the event starts, a new area will open its doors to your team of champions. The large crystal at its heart is of great importance and needs to be protected at all costs.

    Soon you and your allies will come face to face with overwhelming forces of evil, defending the city walls. Powerful cannons installed by Dwarven engineers will help you in this endeavor, becoming a weapon of choice to drive off the invaders.


    Time is of the essence! Hop into one of the cannons and prepare to rain death upon the enemy! You are the city's last line of defense, and various types of assault troops, employing wildly different tactics, will try anything to get past you.


    Monsters shall storm the fortifications and attack the crystal the moment they spawn. Wipe them out as fast as you can to prevent the crystal from being damaged. Altogether, you will have to withstand 5 waves of increasingly more powerful attackers!


    Secure victory and claim valuable resources! Rewards can be collected once every day, but you can participate in the event as many times as you want.


    Don't forget to exchange the resources gathered for even more valuable prizes!


    Good luck, heroes!