Did not get recharge rewards 26 april

Discussion in 'Help and Support' started by Ajawaska, Apr 26, 2019.

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    Apr 26, 2019
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    Dear support

    I did a full recharge today ( 6480 units )26 april EU8 server. Ingame name:AjaShaman
    I did get my 6480 units but i did not get rewards from recharge event.

    I have runned into this problem one time before. How i fixed it back then was that i did relog and i got my recharge rewards. But this time it didnt work out.

    Since relog didnt fix my problem this time i tried to do another recharge ( 60 units ) and that one i got the first recharge reward from. I still missing out on rewards here. What can i do now?

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    Sorry about this problem. I spoke with you on Discord but this is for anyone who might have a similar issue.

    If you have gone back to the rewards page and collected the bonus items but they did not land in your mail or inventory. Then do the following

    Email Support@101xp.com from your email client (such as gmail for example)

    • Include your avatar name
    • Avatar ID number which you can find in the game on your avatar profile page
    • The server that you are on
    • Describe your issue
    • Include any screenshots you think may help or show your problem.

    They will email back to help you. :)