Dark Knight Specifications

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    Dark Knights are powerful warriors able to revive time and again, sowing terror among enemy ranks. They can not only protect their allies, drawing the worst of the opponents’ furious attacks to themselves, but also deal significant damage, altering the course of any battle. Armed with her class’s signature weapon - a huge scythe, a Dark Knight is able to inflict terrible wounds on her foes, rendering her a deadly threat in melee combat. In addition, every Dark Knight can call upon forbidden magical arts, allowing them to summon servants from beyond the grave and single-handedly control a large portion of the battlefield.

    Role: Damage Dealer/Support


    Butcher: Blood

    The Knight bashes an enemy multiple times, inflicting Physical Damage and boosting her own Block. The effect stacks with repeated skill usage.

    Coil: Bloodworm

    Attacks an enemy from a distance, dealing Magical Damage and granting Vampirism to herself.

    Vassal: Dark Blood

    Summons a servant that inherits 30% of the caster’s ATK and HP. Additionally, the Dark Knight’s max HP increases significantly for a short period of time.

    Reaping: Astral

    A melee attack that deals tremendous Physical Damage and creates a protective barrier around the Knight.

    Collapse: Bloodpool

    A ranged attack that creates a chasm underneath the target’s feet which deals Magical Damage to all enemies in the area of effect, while the Knight restores her own health.

    Detonate: Decree

    A ranged magical attack that interrupts the target’s spellcasting, forcing it to chase the Dark Knight instead.


    Blood Archer

    A Blood Archer Dark Knight has much higher restoration and defense stats. Despite their low inherent damage reduction, this specialty is well-suited for providing support to one’s party.


    The Dark Knights who have chosen the Charge specialization can summon powerful servants and deal significant damage over time.


    The Dark Knight of the Ice specialization can slow down and detonate enemies at will. The difference in movement speed presents a serious threat to any enemy in PvP combat.

    Main stats

    STR - slightly affects ATK and Block;
    AGI - slightly affects Crit;
    INT - slightly affects Crit and DEX;
    STM - slightly affects HP, HP regen, Block and TEN.