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    After reading about various complications, we organized a repeat check of all stats when players encounter the boss. After studying broadcasts from real players, we realized that the party composition and battle tactics used by players differ from what was intended, as the mechanics of our boss were not spelled out clearly enough.

    We corrected the boss's tactics for using skills and their corresponding descriptions. We hope this improves your experience. In addition, we understand that it is more difficult to play without the ability to create your own set of class skills. We are trying to solve this problem as soon as possible. A function for being able to choose your own class configuration will be added to the game in the future.

    Ideal party composition:
    Tank x5: 1 main tank to hold the boss, 4 off tanks for Fused Distorter Golems
    Fighter x10
    Healer x5

    According to exact stat calculations, this is the optimal party composition. If you must have a smaller party, you can reduce the number of tanks by 1. The tank holding the boss can also fight one of the minor monsters. Having five healers is strongly recommended for success in this fight.

    Skill descriptions:

    Summoning Skill: when boss has 80%, 60%, 40% and 20% HP, summon an army of golems.

    The army of golems contains the following monsters:
    • 1 Explosive Golem: kill it first, or it will blow itself up in 8 sec. and deal fatal damage to the whole party.
    • This skill deals fatal damage, even if you have a party damage reduction skill, so the Explosive Golem must be killed first.
    • 2 Killer Golems: they must be killed second. After spawning, they pursue a random target and deal fatal damage to it. Killer Golems can be controlled with control skills.
    • The Golem Slayer's target must move away the monster. We added control skills for most classes. You will definitely need your party's help to control them.
    • 4 Fused Distorter Golems: they must be killed last. Once they spawn, the four off tanks must keep them away from each other. The ATK of monsters increases inside Fused Distorter Golems' aura. The main problem we detected is that 1 tank often must take on several monsters. According to our initial design, 1 tank should not have to fight 2 Fused Distorter Golems. We advise you deploy at least 4 tanks on the battlefield that can separate all the Fused Distorters, so their buff auras don't stack. At the same time, the tanks shouldn't be so far apart that they create a higher threat to the party's health.
    • Burning Golem: do not kill this monster or the whole party will take fatal damage. After spawning, the Burning Golem periodically attacks random targets, stuns, and deals AoE damage over time. Mind the warnings to avoid this attack.

    Cannon with Fireball: the boss deals fatal damage in a rectangular area in a random direction. Mind the warnings to avoid this attack.

    Gravitational Circle: damage over time effect. The farther the target is from the boss, the less damage they take.

    Dissolution Aura: damage over time effect. The closer the target is to the boss, the less damage they take.