Battle Formations

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    Battle formation cards increase your character’s base stats by a fixed amount. This effect is only active after a formation is activated. You’ll need to collect cards and combine duplicates to obtain higher quality variants. In the beginning, players will have access to 5 card slots, as well as a chance to unlock 8 extra slots later on by utilizing Rainbow Feathers.



    The link bonus activates when you place certain battle formation cards into neighboring slots. If the cards are simultaneously eligible for multiple link effects, then their bonuses will stack. You can quickly view active link bonus stats under the “Link Bonus” tab.


    Upon collecting a card, the color of its frame is determined by random chance but can be later changed via Processing, which consumes “Rainbow Jade” items. Once a card has been placed into formation, neighboring cards may provide additional stat bonuses if the color of their frames matches that of the latest addition. The higher the level of the cards is, the larger the frame bonus will be. You can view all active frame bonuses under the corresponding tab.

    You can also receive collection rewards if you assemble a certain number of cards of a certain level. For details refer to the card Encyclopedia.


    Cards can be obtained by clearing different floors and defeating bosses in the Secret Tower, clearing the Fairplay Dungeon, as well as by directly purchasing them from the in-game Store.
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